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About Me

marketsforgold is a blog written by Croda.  It is my observations and experiences in making gold in World of Warcraft, primarily from Inscription but also other markets.  The aim is to post at least once every two days and become the definitive source for Scribes.

Croda is the writter of this blog and used to be my main character.  I have several EU Alliance characters in World of Warcraft including 1 scribe and 3 alts dedicated to Insciption (Croda is a Tailor and Enchanter) and 1 getting up to speed on Alchemy and Jewelcrafting.  In all i have 7 characters (well 8 if you include the one sitting on the horde side waiting to be deleted).  I have been playing World of Warcraft since towards the end of Burning Crusade and started down the gold making route when i read Greedy Goblin on Inscription back in late 2009.

Guides: I have written two guides.  One is FREE and the other costs $5 and can be acquired from  There is a fuller FAQ on the paid guide.

Gold Bloggers: if you want to write a review on my guide then drop me an email and i will send you over a free copy of the paid guide for review.

and you? If you would like your blog to be on my blog roll or indeed have any questions best served by emailing me then please contact me.

Links: Please feel free to link to my content (not copy) as you wish using good linking practices. i.e. put the link under relevant text.  So, Croda posted on creating a guild bank is a good example. Where as Croda posted about creating a guild bank here is a bad example.

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Twitter: @marketsforgold


  1. Thanks for sharing my music, my dear. I'm Fatima from Eboracum project ;)

  2. its my pleasure - its good music :)


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