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This blog has various labels which are briefly defined below:

Economy - Observations on how the World of Warcraft economy works and perhaps relates to our real life economies. These posts will not bring ideas on how to make gold.

Friday Shout Out - a post on a Friday that references another blog / youtube / tweet etc that mentions a topic in my blog and talks about said topic.

General Tips - minor ideas and tips that form part of a wider label but are worthwhile on their own for making gold or saving cost. For example, the tip to pick up Books of Glyph Mastery at low prices to put away for the day new content requires their use.

Inscription - all things to do with making gold by Inscription.

Mists of Pandaria Preparation - what i am doing to prepare for Mists of Pandaria.

Myself - about me.

Post Break Actions - what i did after a 5 month break to get my gold making process back to its smooth running old self

Reference Data - Information that can be found on the Reference Data page

Slow Market Trading - how i am operating to make gold during the slow summer months ahead of the Mists of Pandaria release

The Gold Guide - for posts that explicitly discuss my Inscription Gold Guide

Trading Process - all things to do with the processes and mechanics of making gold. For example, using Posting Alts or having a Guild Bank is a Trading Process.

Trading Strategy - all things to do with the strategies of making gold. For example, posts on Profit Margins or Backup Professions is a Trading Strategy.

Weekend Post - at the weekend post i plan to post on how the World of Warcraft economy relates to the real world or theoretical concepts for the World of Warcraft economy.  Seems to generate plenty of email debate on its own!


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