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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Speeding up the emptying of mailboxes

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Every gold maker in World of Warcraft will spend time at the mail box.  Indeed, players covering a mailbox with their mount and so making it hard to access the mailbox is almost considered an act of war!

Therefore, anything that can be done to speed up the unloading of mails is welcome.  To that end, there are two things that can be done:

Firstly, the mailbox will allow you to unload the first 50 mails.  To speed up this process press the “config” button on your mailbox page (assuming you have an addon such as Mail Opener)

When the Configuration window opens up - select the "Open All" as shown in the image above

And then set the opening interval times to the above - this is the fastest time to open 50 mails, assuming latency allows this.

Secondly, when you have more than 50 items to empty from the mailbox you need to wait a full minute before the mailbox loads the next 50 items to allow unloading to continue.

To skip this part you can put “/reload” in the chat box to reload your UI.  If you computer is fast enough then this only takes a few seconds (for me about 8) – which is a great saving on the 30 seconds i normally have to wait.

Something that every serious gold maker needs to be aware of.


  1. Great tips. Just a note on the /reload. That is actually very dependent on what addons you have installed. The full command if you had just the default UI is

    /console reloadui

    (I do not have Mail Opener so not sure if it's incorporated into that)

    1. yes - addons can slow down the process a lot on /reload.

      i will give the /console reloadui a shot when i get home. thanks for that.

  2. Postal does these things by default.

    Get postal instead IMHO, it's a better mailbox addon in my experience.

    1. thanks Mogram - does postal reload the UI (i am guessing not? but i may be wrong).

      i have postal as a backup addon - though i can't off the top of my head remember why i chose Mail Opener as my primary mailbox addon!

  3. It doesn't and great advice, I was not aware I could skip the wait by doing a /reload. When you have 500+ item's that 30+ seconds adds up.

  4. I use Postal and just open all then walk away and get a beer or two. /reload works much faster, but I'm never in a hurry.

    1. This is very much my approach. Reposting glyphs and milling both I consider a background task my hands do automatically while I have youtube up on my second screen, or netflix going on the tv.


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