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Friday, 28 October 2011

Why did i start gold making in World of Warcraft?

When i first started in World of Warcraft in mid 2009 i knew nothing about the Auction House, i never knew it existed.  In fact i sold everything to vendors.  It was a constant battle getting the gold from questing to pay for my next level of spells for my fire mage.

I knew about professions and i was an alchemist and herbalist – though that was because a friend had told me that was best for a mage – and slowly  levelling them.  I did not really have a view as to what i was going to do with them other than make myself potions.

I heard the Auction House mentioned on The Instance podcast a couple of times and a friend mentioned it to me.  Though when i went to the Auction House it was all rather complicated so i continued to mostly sell to vendors.  I did not understand grey, green and blue items.

And then The Instance podcast mentioned the Greedy Goblin blog and the rest, as they say, is history.

This was at the time when Gevlon (Greedy Goblin Blog) was going through his Inscription business, highlighting his strategies and the thinking behind those strategies.  And perhaps more importantly how he went about it and step by step guides to working with Auctioneer.  I had no idea there were such things as addons.

The World of Warcraft economy caught my imagination.  I immediately dropped Alchemy and started inscription.  Cost about 5000 gold to get to the top level and start making money (Gevlon's blog introduced me to the concept of a Goblin does not farm their own materials – they either buy from the Auction House or employ a (legal) farmer.

I also had no idea there were gold making blogs, and, to be honest, it was perhaps not until mid 2010 that i started reading other blogs let alone listening to the podcasts.

The first 1000 gold was made, and then 5000 gold and then 10000 gold.  I remember using a snatch list to find a cheap item for about 2000 gold (i think it was a hat) and selling it at a mark up of 3000.  By the time 50000 gold came along i can say i was hooked.

The gold making blogs and podcasts are great fun - its not just the information on how to make gold but the thinking behind the information that can be used in so many other areas to make gold.

And now gold making is the main reason i play World of Warcraft.

Indeed, i only just recently levelled a character to 85 which is my first character that is in a real guild, not a guild bank!  But he is a level 525 Jewelcrafter and Alchemist - so i suspect he will be into the gold making routine soon.

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  1. Welcome to blogging croda! I look forward to reading you posts.

  2. thank you flux. I am a big fan of your blog and i am hoping i can add some value here towards making gold in the World of Warcraft - though that will be a tough call given the quality of the gold making blogs out there!


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