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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Starting Post - a bit about myself

This is a first on many levels, for me at least. My first blog, my first blog post and my indeed my first blog post for making gold in World of Warcraft.
But lets start off with a bit about myself.
I have several alts on one EU server, all alliance, and all aimed at making gold. I have 1.2m gold at present and my gold making professions in order of importance are Inscription, Enchanting, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and Tailoring.
I have all recipes for Inscription but still gaps in Enchanting Tailoring and plenty of gaps in Jewelcrafting and Alchemy given the latter two are more recent entrants to level 525 for me.
I have 3 level 85 characters that carry inscription + herbelism, Tailoring + Enchanting, Alchemy + Jewelcrafting.  And 5 posting alts that move from Auction House to mail box.
I play for a couple of hours a night and perhaps more in the weekend.
I made my million with inscription and hence that is where i first intend to focus this blog.
The blog can only get better from here, or cease to exist.  Doubtless it will be a journey for me!
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