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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Moving on

Its been a while since i played World of Warcraft.  I enjoyed it immensely but decided to move on to a less time consuming game.
Its good to see World of Warcraft still goes strong.  There seems to have been a big turnover in the blogging world – some good new gold making blogs on the scene.
I have moved onto Eve Online and started blogging aboutmy character as it advances (still under 2 weeks old!) with the aim of playing the economy to make ISK (gold).
Should you wish, you can follow my progress on my new blog marketsforISK.
Should you wish to try out Eve Online then follow thislink (or the link to the right) to get a free 21 days trial – normally the trials are 14 days.  If you chose to upgrade you account then i will be rewarded with a Plex by the game.
In a following post i will detail the differences between Eve Online and World of Warcraft from an economy point of view.

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